Medical experiments platform


Our client, a laboratory active in the neuroscience area needed a way for their medical staff to setup workflows rapidly and without expertise in programming knowledge or hardware. The current solution required a team of developers to manage and run new experiments that the medical team wanted to implement.

This workflow was extremely costly both in time and human resources.

The client wanted a solution that was easy enough for a non-engineer to use in order to create, run and acquire results for experiments.


We came up with a complete and custom solution. Using web technologies and custom hardware programming protocols, we were able to provide our client with a full-stack solution.

The platform allowed the medical team to design experiments through an intuitive web interface. The corresponding hardware for the experiment would then be automatically programmed by the software. Nurses could then run the experiment, while doctors would be able to view pre-analysed result of the experiment in real-time. All of this done in a single application. Additionally, thanks to a combination of global and local databases, all content created on the application would be available to everyone in the laboratory.


Thanks to our solutions the medical team is now able to go from designing an experiment to analysing results in less than a day, reducing their iteration loop considerably.

Software engineering
Electron, IoT, Javascript, Mobile, mongoDB, NodeJS, Responsive, Tablet, WebApp, wireless