Custom IoT dashboard


Our client, a young Swiss based startup, was looking for a way to monitor and process food waste data produced by actors in the food and beverage industry.

Akson was approached to develop a solution to gather and manage data collected by devices deployed in industrial kitchens and collecting a set of key metrics.


Based on the user’s requirements, we have designed a Blueprint of the application taking into accounts the business specific needs of our client. This step is necessary in order to ensure the best user experience (UX) to our client.

To ensure modularity and robustness we have developed the solution on a full-stack JavaScript framework with NodeJs as backend.

We accompanied our clients by handling the deployment of the solution on a production environment, ensuring features such as load balancing, data redundancy and security. These parameters are essential to allow scalability and data safety for fast growing solutions inherent to the Startup ecosystem.


Agile project management methods enabled us to continuously collect user feedback and ensure conformity with user expectations throughout the development. The solution was delivered in under two months, thanks to our rigorous workflow and processes.

Today, the platform is used by our client as the central tool to gather, manage and generate key metrics for customers all over the world.

Software engineering
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