Real-time acquisition and analysis platform


Our client, a major actor in the medical research field, needed a solution to monitor human gait and perform real-time analysis of human movements to trigger haptic events on the body.


We developed a platform which combined with inertial measurements sensors and a haptic display, offers real-time gait analysis and provide patients with haptic feedback from their legs. The solution uses accelerometers, gyroscopes and  magnetometer which transmit wirelessly data to a central software solution. The data are processed in real-time and use artificial intelligence and machine learning to understand the gait cycles and triggers sensorial events accordingly.


Thanks to the work of Akson, the client is now able to investigate the most intuitive ways to use tactile feedback in order to improve rehabilitation in a way they were not able to do before. The use of this solution led to remarkable results in the rehabilitation domain.

Software engineering
Artificial intelligence, C++, Classification, Inertial measurement sensors, Machine learning, Motion analysis, Multimodal, Object-oriented programming, Real time, Virtual reality