Fast-response sensor system for assembly


Our client wanted to improve the control on his Delta robots assembly robot line to achieve greater speed and enhance its productivity.

The main limitation to develop performing controllers for Delta robots and high dynamic industrial robots is obtaining a precise speed and acceleration measurement of the actuator. These data are generally obtained through derivation of the motors encoders, a discrete signal, which provides a noisy signal which limits the controllers performances. Existing filtering methods add delay and reduce bandwidth of the signal, which require the use of expensive high definition encoders.


We designed, developed and prototyped a digital device using differential measurement of two accelerometers to acquire the Delta robot actuator’s speed and acceleration. The device integration with the robot controller allowed precise control while greatly reducing the cost compared to standard systems.


Thank to the work of Akson and the use of rapid prototyping technologies the client was able to quickly prototype, test and validate a solution to enhance productivity of its line.

Electronics engineering
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