Development of Mesh IoT Demonstrator


This project consists of further developing and enhancing an IoT mesh demonstration platform for which an MVP already exists. The platform is based on Wi-FI Mesh technology which allows for controlling multiples IoT devices from a mobile phone or tablet without the need of existing network infrastructure.

Your tasks for this project will include redesigning the existing module case and integrating our newly developed board by designing a custom shield. Depending on your coding skills (C/C++ and JavaScript) you could also refine the controls and integrate new awesome features!

Firmware development0%
Design & CAD0%
JavaScript & HTML0%

Home automation platform


In the context of the development of an IoT connectivity platform, we are looking for an electronics engineer in order to design new exciting modules based on our electronic boards and existing sensors. Your job will be to imagine, design and build new electronic modules to integrate with the platform. These devices could be as simple as a switch, dimmer,  control or sophisticated integrations with existing sensors. You will also have to design the case and build it.

Electronics design0%
C/C++ Firmware (Arduino)0%

Smart Contracts Ðapp Proof of Concept


You have some experience with JavaScript and want to get you hands in the blockchain? This project consists of developing the Proof of Concept of a Ðapp (Decentralized Application) using Smart Contracts based on the Ethereum / Solidity framework.

Prior experience with JavaScript and interest and curiosity about blockchain applications and Ðapp is strongly required.


Javascript based device controller


In the context of an internal project, we are looking for a JavaScript developper with experience in hardware communication and UI/UX design. The goal of the project is to design, develop and test a javascript platform and its intuitive interface based on Electron to interact with and control devices via serial port.

Serial communication0%
UI/UX Design0%